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Christo Goosen

Developer, Hacker & Entrepreneur. CTO/Dev/DevOPS/Infosec/OWASP/BSides/Photogrtapher - Personal website, resume and blog. Bsuiness website:


Currently a business owner and DevOps/Security consultant.

Previously a CTO at a Insurance Tech startup. I get to build incredibily interesting tools for a established and rigid indistry. Linux DevOps engineer with a focus on AWS. Studying Msc in Infosec in to further my interest and passion for the subject. I love all things Python with a interest in Golang and Rust. React is pretty neat so far and getting into Ionic for work, somehow the javascript community convinced me to give it another try.

When I have the time I love to teach others tech and the possiblities of tech. Hackathons, conferences and meetups inspires me to improve exponentially and cross polinate skills with others.

Technology is a equalising force, and with the inpiration of so many open source communities, I aim to inspire more people than the projects I code. I feel all the tech knowledge and power is lost without attempting to change the world for the better.


Greed is exponential to the self, generosity is exponential towards the many.


My hobby (and occasionally encrouches on work) is photography and at the moment my work is only showcased on instagram: Instagram.

I enjoying shooting with a Fujifilm XT-20 with a continuously growing number of lenses. XC 15-45MM lens as well as various Canon lenses with XF converter mount.

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Photograpgy, Politics, Debates, Travel, etc.



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Personal: [email protected]

OWASP: [email protected]

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